HK CSL Prepaid Card


Value-added Services, Mobile Broadband [6]:
7.2Mbps Pass [5] USSD Subscription through Handsets
Hourly Pass [6] $8 / hour *101*832*2#
Day Pass [7] $28 / day *101*832*3#
7-Day Pass [8] $78 / 7-day *101*832*4#

Miscellaneous [11] Government license and administration fee:
-$2.5/30days [9] (Power Prepaid SIM Card)
-Free (HK$1,000 Prepaid SIM Card)
Validity [10]:
-180 days (Power Prepaid SIM Card)
-730 days (HK$1,000 Prepaid SIM Card)

5. Peak download speeds. Actual speeds may vary due to network conditions, hardware, software & other factors.
6. Hourly Pass includes a continuous 60-minute session upon your subscription.
7. Day Pass includes a continuous 24-hour session upon your subscription.
8. 7-Day Pass includes a continuous 168-hour session upon your subscription.
9. The Government license & administration fee will be charged at $2.5 for every 30 days. The first 30 days of related fee will be free upon activation of card. This fee is waived for CSL $1000 Prepaid SIM card.
10. Validity will be extended for 180 days (730 days for CSL HK$1000 Prepaid SIM card) from the date of recharge upon every recharge of $50 or above.
11. Not applicable to CSL Mobile Broadband Prepaid SIM.

現在一天改 28 HKDs, 這樣我的 3HK 好像用不完 Orz, 3HK 一個月扣 18 HKDs, 一天扣 18 HKDs, HKCSL 一個月扣 2.5 HKDs

One2Free 的跟 HKCSL 基本上是一樣的計費方式, 啟用號碼也一樣

看來現在 HKCSL 的 3G 上網計費方式都統一了