Resume of Huang, Li-Fu (aka. David)


Name: Huang, Li-Fu (aka. David)
Gender: Male
Nationality: Taiwan citizen
Current Working Place: Taichung
E-mail Address: davihuan at gmail dot com
Phone NO.: +886-989-907-695 / +886-955-879-069
Location: Taichung, Taiwan
MSN: davihuan at hotmail dot com

1. Chinese (Native speaker)
2. English (Daily Life)


  1. Good team player
  2. Good communication skill
  3. Rich Linux embedded system quality assurance experience (Performance benchmark test. Compatibility test. Pressure test. User interface test.)
  4. Technical writer experience in English/Chinese and translations
  5. Basic UNIX server setup & maintain for SMB: SSH, NFS, SAMBA...etc.
  6. Rich information products selling experience.
  7. Rich notebook computers, desktop computers and servers maintenance experience.


  1. The embedded Linux application, I prefer the customization and integration of the NAS packages.
  2. Writing and answering or discussing questions on the forums on internet.
  3. I like to watch the Japan cartoons, animations, comics and plays.
  4. English and Japanese, both of languages are the major source of information.


  1. 200508 ~ 200701 Chaoyang University of Technology, Taichung. Major in Information Management.
  2. 199908 ~ 200506 National Chin-Yi University of Technology, Taichung. Major in Information Management.
  3. 199608 ~ 199906 National Taichung Industrial High School, Taichung. Major in Electronic Engineering.


  1. 200507 ~ 200706 Quality Assurance Engineer in FalconStor Software.
  2. 200403 ~ 200506 Assistant Manager in Realteam Comapny.
  3. 200310 ~ 200310 The web pages maintenance staff in Kwang-Hwa Elect. Material Co., Ltd
  4. 200106 ~ 200206 Assistant Engineer in Unitech Computer Co., Ltd.


I know the OS es, etc DOS, Win 31, Win 95, Win 98, Win NT4 WS/S, Win 2K PRO, OS/2, Linux, computer hardware install and setup, and local area network install and setup.

Before I serve my country, I joined the software development of the NAS devices' software in Falconstor. I have tested the devices with the Intel IOP, PowerPC, MIPS architectures. I joined the tests of the iSCSI technology, had the experience of building the test environment with VMWare. I did the performance benchmark tests, compatibility tests, pressure tests with the servers, RAID controllers, NICs that were marketed. And I joined the tests of the backup softwares.

I have joined the software development of the NAS devices that are listed below:

  1. Acer TeamSafe
  2. Lanner NS04-4110
  3. USR 8700
  4. Intel SS4000-E
  5. Mitac MNAS
  6. Thermaltake Muse NAS
  7. SMC Tiger NAS
  8. Lanner NS04-4100

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