How to adjust Remote Desktop resolution and colors.

遠端桌面(Terminal Services)
Configuring Remote Desktop

Features Available on the Remote Desktop Connection Logon Interface
TabSettings to ConfigureNotes


Enter or change logon and connection settings.

Enter remote computer name, network user name, network password, and network domain.

Selecting Save my password allows you to enter the password at connection time and store it for future Remote Desktop sessions.

Saving connection settings allows you to use a configuration throughout an enterprise.


Change remote desktop size (resolution) and colors.

Selectable session resolution and color depth allow you to adjust for specific needs.

Local Resources

Control sound, keyboard, and local devices.

Enabling sounds at the client computer enhances the session.

Applying Windows key combinations within the Remote Desktop session enhances the session.

Allowing the session to control local devices automatically boosts productivity.


Start a program and change an icon.

Setting the session to start a specific program upon connection can improve efficiency. (This tab is available only for terminal server sessions.)


Set bitmap caching and compression.

Allowing certain features in this tab will provide a richer visual experience at higher bandwidths.