Gateway Support - 4000440 Intel (Freeman) Integrated ZX Motherboard

Audio - Creative Labs Sound Blaster AudioPCI 64D Driver Installation - System Restoration CD 8.6 - 9.7
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Power supply fan connector, J9H3

Gateway does not use this connector. However, it is populated on the board and available for use. The pinouts for J9H3 are:
Pin Signal name
1 Ground
2 +12 V (FAN_C)
3 Tach

Front Panel Connector

The front panel connector is labeled J10H1 on the motherboard. Pin 1 is indicated by an arrow on the board (lower left pin in this graphic). Pin 2 is immediately above it. The pinouts for J10H1 are as follows:
Pins Signal Name
1 and 3 Hard disk activity LED
2 and 4 Power/Sleep/Message waiting light-emitting diode (LED)
5 and 7 Reset switch
6 and 8 Power switch
9,11,13, and 15 Infrared port
10 and 12 Sleep/Resume switch

Power Connector

The motherboard can turn off the computer through software control. To enable soft-off control, Advanced Power Management (APM) must be enabled in the BIOS Setup Utility and in the operating system. When the computer basic input/output system (BIOS) receives the correct APM command from the operating system, the BIOS turns off power to the computer.

With soft-off enabled, the computer returns to the power state in which it was before power was interrupted.

The pinouts for J10H1 are:
Pin Signal name
1 +3.3 V
2 +3.3 V
3 Ground
4 +5 V
5 Ground
6 +5 V
7 Ground
8 PWRGD (Power Good)
9 +5 VSB (Standby for real-time clock)
10 + 12V
11 +3.3 V
12 -12V
13 Ground
14 PS-ON# (power supply remote on/off)
15 Ground
16 Ground
17 Ground
18 -5 V
19 +5 V
20 +5 V